Man shares how to get 27 days off work in 2022 using just 10 holiday days

There are two kinds of people in this world; people who live to work and others who work to live.

If you fall into the latter category, there’s a good chance you take your annual leave seriously, because who wants to waste those precious, precious days away from the office?

Anyway, it’s been a funny old year with taking time off, since we’ve not actually been able to do anything with it – but one man is here to make sure that no one wastes a damn holiday in 2022.

Business mentor Graham David has shared a savvy hack for carefully selecting your annual leave to give yourself some huge chunks of time away from the office, without using much of your annual leave at all, thanks to piggy backing off Bank Holidays.

“I’m going to share with you how to make the most of your Bank Holiday allocation next year, how to bring in some weekends, and then use just 10 days annual leave to make the most of that allocation,” he explained on TikTok, before going on to detail how to get 27 days off with just 10 days leave.

Graham started by explaining how you can get 10 days in a row off in April, by using just four days of holidays, provided you work Monday to Friday and get Bank Holidays off. Soz, hospitality and retail.

Anyway, Friday 15th April is a Bank Holiday, because it is, of course, Good Friday, which is followed by the weekend – including Easter Sunday and then Easter Monday, which is also a Bank Holiday in the UK.

Graham points out that if you chose to take your annual leave from Tuesday 19th April to Friday 22nd April, using just four days of holiday, you would get the 15th April all the way through to the 24th off, thanks to the weekend at the end.

Next, he goes on to explain how you can get a full nine days off at the end of May going into June, by using just three days of holiday and yep, you guessed it, it’s another Bank Holiday.

Presuming you get the weekend, Saturday 28th May and Sunday 29th May off automatically, if you take Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1st June off as annual leave, you won’t have to return to work until the following Monday, as the late May Bank Holiday has been moved to Thursday 2nd June and an additional Bank Holiday is being added on Friday 3rd June for the Queen’s 70th anniversary as a monarch.

Then, last but not least, at Christmas you can get 10 days off in a row by using just three days of annual leave, as Christmas eve and Christmas day fall on a weekend, Boxing Day is a Bank Holiday on a Monday, and the Bank Holiday from Christmas is carried over to the Tuesday.

Therefore, if you take annual leave on Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th and Friday 30th, you’ll then have the weekend off and the following Monday, January 2nd, off, as the New Year’s Day Bank Holiday carries over from the weekend.