Man left mortified after girlfriend exposes him for ‘lying’ to his in-laws

Anyone who has ever met a partner’s in-laws will tell you, it’s stressful. In fact, for a lot of people, whether your partner’s parents like you or not can be pretty much make or break for the relationship.

So, you can understand why one man would horrified, when his girlfriend outed him for ‘lying’ to her parents when they met for the first time. Mortifying.

The couple had gone over to the girlfriend’s parents’ house for dinner, when disaster struck: the man hated the food they’d prepared for him, but, being polite, he didn’t want them to know he didn’t like it.

“I was pretty nervous and wanted to make a good impression, but it turned out her mum had made a dish I detest. I’d never order it out of choice and it has some ingredients I hate,” he explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum. “But, given the fact I’m an adult, and wanting to come across well, I decide not to say anything and just eat what was served.”

However, while the in-laws would be none-the-wiser, the man gave away one involuntary tell-tale sign that he hated the food by flaring his nostrils.

“If I eat something that I don’t like, my nostrils flair. It’s involuntary and I can’t stop it from happening but at the same time it’s not super obvious if you’re not looking for it,” he explained, adding that only his girlfriend and his parents know about it.

The man continued: “I took a spoon and it was awful, but I carried on. When my girlfriend’s mum asks me how I like it, I say it’s very good. At this point, my girlfriend said, ‘haha he’s so cute when he lies, mum he hates it, look at how his nose goes when he has a spoon!’

“I’d just had another spoon and her mum noticed, and it was very awkward from then on in.”

The man tried to apologise to his mother-in-law, “but she kept beating herself up for how silly she was to make something and not ask.” Meanwhile, the girlfriend’s father told him he was being rude and ill mannered for making his dislike for the food known.

“After that the whole meal was a bit awkward and after we left I was upset and asked my girlfriend why she couldn’t have just backed me up a bit, or even not exposed my fib,” he said.

“Yeah I didn’t want to eat it, but I’d have forced myself through and then it would have been over. She said I was being dramatic and that it was actually a quite funny, but I see it as sort of throwing fuel on what was already a pretty stressful event for me.”

The man turned to the forum to question whether others believed he had a right to be upset with his girlfriend for exposing him like that.

“That was very rude of your girlfriend, and if she knew ahead of time that there are certain foods that you dislike she should have let your parents know beforehand,” one Reddit user commented. “It is interesting her dad called you rude when you did not say anything about disliking the food or that it was bad.”

Meanwhile, another added: “It is unfair of her dad to say your being rude for making your dislike apparent and that it was poor manners, when he wouldn’t have a CLUE if his daughter hadn’t said anything!”