Woman threatens to report friend’s daughter after finding out she’s been ‘scamming’ them

A woman has ousted her friend’s daughter as a scam artist and threatened to report her to the police if she doesn’t return the money she took from her victims.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her pal’s daughter was always coming up with business ideas and would ask people for ‘seed money’.

So friends and acquaintances would make purchases which would take months to arrive, and the daughter would use the money to set up her business – fulfilling the orders later.

But when the products arrived they would be items from discount stores that were dressed up as bespoke items – and now one woman has threatened to report her to the police if she doesn’t come clean.

Posting on Reddit, the woman, based in America, wrote: “I have a friend whose daughter is always making a new business idea. She keeps asking for money from our friendship group for ‘seed money’ or an initial purchase.

“The first business she made was a jewellery brand so I bought a necklace because I wanted to show support – I paid $120 (£85) and I ended up receiving a few months later a necklace straight out of a discount store.

“After this, she kept making new ideas, I never partook. She’s now made a business selling personalised dog food asking customers to fill in a survey on their dog and she’d make dog food tailor-made to them for a ridiculous amount per bag.

“When I visited my friend’s house I notified stacks of dog food from a discount brand – all the same type. The daughter had claimed everything was personalised/homemade etc.

“I told the daughter and mother I wanted them to refund every customer who’d purchased anything off them for the last two years since she started coming up with ridiculous business ideas or I’d go to the police.

“In my eyes, this is outright fraud (at least in my country) if not extremely dishonest. I told them I’d post on Facebook that I’ve found evidence of this dog food not being tailor-made so all the customers would demand a refund if she didn’t provide one.

“The daughter explained she still had costs so it would be unfair to refund everything she’d received and just to refund the profit.

“I asked her what her costs were if she kept records, she said no, so I told her it was her fault for not keeping proper ‘business’ records and I wanted her to refund all of it.

“I personally know (family/friends) countless people who’ve been ripped off by her various ventures and am prepared to take it further if needed.”

The woman shared her story online and asked others for their advice, on whether she was in the right to report her friend’s daughter – and most people agreed they’d have done the same thing.

One person wrote: “The unscrupulous scammer is the last person whose alleged financial difficulty should be taken into account. The victims who paid hundreds of dollars for near-worthless products misrepresented as premium should be the priority.”

And another said: “I know the daughter is the unscrupulous scammer, but I want to point out that if you saw the food then it seems pretty clear that her mum/your friend also knows exactly what is going on and if not participating is not stopping it or protecting your mutual friends. Just something for you to think about.”

While a third person added: “She’s scamming people, she deserved it. If you say something is homemade, it better be homemade or you’re unfaithful to your core ideas.”