Dad ‘needs therapy’ after paying £54 for four fish and chips at London restaurant

A dad joked he ‘needs therapy’ after paying £54 for four portions of fish and chips at a London restaurant.

Les Jones, 83, from Yorkshire, was left baffled by the cost of food in the city after his son Gareth ordered the family meal as a delivery.

Vicar Gareth said his dad gave him his bank card to treat the family for a birthday, but did not expect quite a hefty bill.

Gareth tweeted: “Dad wanted to buy fish and chips last night. We let him and he gave me his card to pay for them delivered.

“He’s now trying to access therapy as he’s realised 4 rounds of fish, chips and mushy peas cost him £54.

“Welcome to London, Yorkshireman.”

The tweet prompted hundreds of comments, with others telling their tales of overpriced chippies.

One user tweeted: “Rock and Sole Plaice in Covent Garden, £17 for one portion of Fish Chips and mushy peas! (Excluding Peroni) Tasty though.”

In an attempt to explain why might the cost of Mr Jones’ chippy tea was so expensive, one person offered: “155 pound for box cod fillet used to be 90 pounds not long ago.

“Rapeseed oil, litre now 22 pounds up from 18 pounds last year. If you used online delivery they take 35% give restaurant 65%. Out of that restaurant pay vat.”

But one person replied: “Who T.F. fries Yorkshire Fish & Chips in rapeseed oil. #beefdripping”

Another person said: “We had fish and chips and peas for 5 adults on Thursday and it cost £20.20. Best fish and chips in the world in Yorkshire.”